The Board of Commissioners in accordance with POJK. No 33 of 2017, since the appointment of the Board of Commissioners is appropriate with Deed No. 6/2018, the Board of Commissioners has conducted:

  1. Supervision of the Board of Directors’ policies and the course of the Company’s business activities and provide advice to the Directors.
  2. Establish an Audit Committee and Other Committees.
  • Remuneration Determination Procedure

    The Board of Commissioners conducts the procedures for determining and remuneration for Commissioners and Directors to be submitted to the General Meeting of Shareholders, taking into account the duties, responsibilities and authority of the members of the Board of Commissioners and Directors in accordance with the Company’s performance.

  • The Directors

Directors in accordance with POJK. No 33 of 2017, since the appointment of the Directors in accordance with Deed No.6 / 2018 the responsibilities of the Directors are as follows:

  1. To run and be responsible for the management of the Company for the interests of the Company in accordance with the aims and objectives of the Company stipulated in the articles of association of the Company.
  2. Shall hold annual GMS and other GMS as regulated in the statutory regulations and the Company’s articles of association.
  3. Must carry out duties and responsibilities in good faith, full of responsibility.
  4. Each member of the Board of Directors is jointly responsible for the Company’s losses caused by errors or negligence of the members of the Board of Directors in carrying out their duties
  • Scope and Responsibilities of each Board of Directors

President Director :

  1. Responsible for the running of the Company’s business activities.
  2. To coordinate among the Directors in the course of the Company’s business activities.

Marketing Director, including:

  1. Responsible for marketing the Company.
  2. Coordinate between the Company’s marketing divisions.

Director of Finance and General & HR :

  1. Responsible for the financial and quality of the Company’s human resources.
  2. Coordinate with the Company’s Finance and Accounting Division.
  3. Coordinate with the Company’s Legal Division.
  4. Coordinate with the Company’s General & HR Division.

Director of Operations, including:

  1. Responsible for the Company’s operations.
  2. Coordinate between the Business Development and Project Management Division of the Company and also with the Legal Division of the Company to ensure that the project can run as targeted.

Independent Directors, including:

  1. Ensuring the sustainability of good corporate governance (“GCG”) in the Company in a transparent, accountable, accountable, independent, and fairness and equality manner.
  2. Preventing irregularities in the management of the company.
  3. Maintaining good relations between employees, Directors, Commissioners and Shareholders.