In order to cultivate a clean company practices, prevent and conduct early detection of business ethic and work ethic violation that may occur within PT Dewata Freight International environment through the participation of the employees and business partners to actively become a whistleblower (Whistleblower), the company has issued a Guideline for Whistleblowing System Procedure (Whistleblowing System). This policy is an implementation guideline of whistleblowing system (Whistleblowing System) which includes Gratification, Conflict of Interest, Corruption, Fraud, Extortion, Abuse of Power, Ethic Violation and Immoral Act, Secret Leaking, Deceit, Asset Embezzlement, and Bribery and its follow-up at PT Dewata Freight International and its subsidiaries.

The target that we want to achieve in the guidelines above is:

  • The formation of a Company that is clean from corruption, fraud, and other violations by encouraging the participation of stakeholders to dare to act in preventing and reporting violations.
  • Provide procedures and infrastructure for handling violation reports and to protect the whistleblower
  • The availability of an early warning system of a violation possibility
  • To reduce the damage caused by the violations both in financial and non-financial
  • Strengthening internal control to support the company’s commitment of Good Corporate Governance (GCG)

The infrastructure of the whistleblowing system in the form of Commitment Statement from all parties related to the violation reporting and handling. The Policy also regulates the Reporting System Management Structure, Reporting Mechanism, and the Whistleblower Protection. A Whistleblower is a person that reports alleged conduct of Business Ethic Violation that occur within PT Dewata Freight International environments, whistleblower obtain protection right and an appreciation as well as knowing the follow-up of the report. Protection right in the form of: the confidentiality of the whistleblower’s identity, protection from retaliatory measures from the reported/organization, protection from pressure, postponement in promotion, dismissal, lawsuits, property, or physical action that can be done by the reported/Company, including legal assistance if needed. The Whistleblower makes the reports to the Whistleblowing System by telling the truth, without pressure from either party, there is no element of deception or the intention to give false information, willing to communicate with the whistleblowing system management team if needed. The Company expects active role from all related parties: employees, clients, vendors, and business partners to be a whistleblower if they see/know/experienced Business Ethics violations from PT Dewata Freight International Official/Employees and report to:

Complaint box can be found in Kirana Two Office Tower Floor 12 A-B